Our Story


Our Story

Eternity Acres was founded in 2019 after David & Melissa Spalding faced the devastating loss of their beloved 8 year old pit bull, Petey.

In Petey’s memory, David & Melissa made the decision to open their own cremation business, that would treat owners and pets with dignity and respect. Their mission is to treat every owner as family and every pet as their very own. 

Melissa first met Petey as a pup when he was a patient at a veterinary clinic that she works at. He was owned by an older gentleman who regularly brought Petey in for baths and checkups. Petey spent his days hanging his big head out the passenger side window while he and his owner cruised town and visited friends. After several years, many people around our community knew Petey by name, including the Spalding family. They were fortunate enough to care for him for a while when his owner had an extended hospital stay.

Unfortunately it became clear to Petey’s owner that they may not be able to care for him long term. At that time Melissa was asked if her family would consider taking him.

At first, Petey wasn’t sure about “farm life,” but slowly got the hang of it. He was the official farm bird chaser. Any hawk or buzzard flying above Petey’s space was not to be tolerated as he would patrol the boundaries until those feathered trespassers were gone!

Petey did not grow up around children, but he took the job of babysitter very seriously. Petey loved the Spalding children and would guard them intently. They loved Petey just like family!

In the remembrance of the life Petey lived and the joy he brought to so many, Eternity Acres was born. The ashes of Petey’s life are cast among the facility and will rest for Eternity. They bring wonderful memories and comfort. The love he had for Spalding family is a large part of what Eternity Acres would like to bring to yours.

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199 Hollifield Cemetery Rd.
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Eternity Acres Pet Crematory
Eternity Acres Pet Crematory
Eternity Acres Pet Crematory
Eternity Acres Pet Crematory
Eternity Acres Pet Crematory
Eternity Acres Pet Crematory